Reel Review: FX’s Legion


Welcome Back To Reel Cinema Review! Today, I’m going to be reviewing FX’s new show Legion!

Now for those of you living under a rock and not watching TV or at least ADs online (Facebook informed me of the show), then you probably missed this premiere. The show is called Legion (no it doesn’t have anything to do with the 2010 movie – which I actually enjoyed). It is basically about Professor X – Ya know, from the X Men- son, David Haller. For me personally, I figured that this had something to do with the X Men from the title logo alone. The x-ed out ‘ O’ kind of gave it away for me. However, my mind didn’t automatically travel to Professor X’s son.  If you aren’t familiar with this character I’m linking his Comicvine information here for you to read about.


I am personally familiar with this character, or at least I’ve heard of him way before now. However, I don’t believe he’s a very major character like Scott Summers or Laura Kinney ( X-23). I don’t read the comics but I frequently check the universe to see where it’s at and what’s happening. Maybe I’ve missed the huge arcs with Legion included, but to my knowledge I don’t believe he’s a main character in the current arc (S). DON’T ROAST ME OVER AN OPEN FIRE.

With that being said, It kind of baffled me how Legion of all characters would get his own title series. If someone watched this show without any previous knowledge of this character then they would probably think this is just another weird FX show and not link this to X Men or even the idea of any of the characters being mutants. While the comic Character seems cool, the first episode fell just a little bit flat to me and here’s why:

  • It was visually beautiful while at the same time a little overwhelming at times.

I really liked the look of the show. It had an 80’s sort of feel to it. The visuals were just so eye engaging, but I kinda got a sensory overload at times. I’m the type to look all over the screen to try and find easter eggs and references and while this had a few, it just felt like too much to try and take in in general. Like, the studio really wanted this to be a mind cluster but pushed the “mental” feel. As though they really wanted to get in your mind but because it was too much at times, my mind kinda shut down at times.

  • The story was too “broken” at times. A little hard to follow.

It’s a story about a mutant who’s mental, that’s enough. I really don’t need to be flipped back and forth all over a storyline in the FIRST EPISODE. It started off fantastic in the beginning with Happy Jack by The Who trailing his life from infancy to adulthood. I enjoyed those visuals, but SPOILER ALERT – I wanted to understand what caused him to really “snap” as in – what caused his telepathy/pyrokinesis/mutant powers to actually occur. I know they’re going to answer that later in the series and they don’t want to give too much away now, but just a little more backstory would have been great.

  • Are they going to introduce other mutants?

I’ve read beforehand that this story takes place in an alternative world from that of the X Men. Since that’s the case, is anything from the ‘main’ world going to crossover into the Legion world/universe? Some of the ‘mutants’ in the show reminded me of  an ALT UNI versions of Rogue *wink* *wink*.


From my notes above, the show fell kinds flat during certain moments. Nonetheless, I did enjoy the show and will stick around for the later episodes. Now, portions I did like:

  • The Music! The music did it for me, each song that play represented each scene very well.
  • Loved the intro, even though it felt rushed. ( Is it just me or did it remind anyone else of Watchmen? It had that kinda vibe to it also)
  • I loved the scene where he’s lying in bed sleep and there’s a book besides him on the nightstand titled “Robots”. Mind you, robots are mindless and emotionless creations not capable of feeling. Basically they have no conscious. David is trapped in a mental hospital. I’m pretty sure he wants to be conscious-less as possible.
  • Sidney (ALT Rogue) is the light at the end of the tunnel. Maybe I’m reading too much into it, but there’s a group therapy scene and Sidney walks in the light and her appearance is being overshadowed by the sun shining in behind her. Later on in the episode she saves David after he sees the light above him. Hmmm. During this scene “She’s a Rainbow” is playing by The Rolling Stones.
  • That short fat man with the yellow eyes is SCARY AS H-E DOUBLE HOCKEY-STICKS! My internal level of being creeped out was raised to the max when he would appear on camera, especially in the last scene when David saw him before he left the mental hospital. The shot fat dude was in the background subtly watching.


If you have seen this show, drop me a comment down below and let me know what YOU think! I would love to know!



Quick Review: Trolls


Colors, Glitter, Gleeful Singing, and oh yeah – A Fire!


Okay, this is gonna be a quick and fast review! Trolls is an animated musical by Dreamworks. Its based upon the creepy little dolls of the same name (thats my mother NEVER let me buy for that very reason). This movie is definitely a family friendly movie that you watch when you want simple worry free entertainment. The comedy is mild and the songs are cute. The main characters are very predictable and so is the story line, which is why I wont discuss the story line here. You can gather what’s going to happen in the movie for yourself since it is so predictable. I did enjoy the qualities of the characters such as their features like extendable hair, glitter skin, and the detail work on the Bergens.

Overall, this is a good movie for everyone…except the ending where the chef is sat on fire along with another troll… but yeah, its a great movie still! Check it out!

Reel Review: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2


I am Groot!

Hello, welcome back to Reel Cinema Review! Today I’m going to be reviewing the new Guardians of the Galaxy trailer! Now, I have to be honest, I don’t remember where the first one left off exactly but I do remember that I really enjoyed the first movie. The trailer features an assortment of characters and a lot of action. I expect that this movie will further the progress in setting up Thanos and his Infinity Gauntlet. To my knowledge Guardians of the Galaxy is in the same MCU as The Avengers and Dr. Strange and so forth. I’m not entirely sure if in the future once all chapters are laid out if all of the key characters will be in one single movie. However, WHO CARES, RIGHT? We’re here for this movie trailer!


Isn’t Baby Groot adorable? Groot and Drax are my two favorite highlights of this whole entire trailer! I’m so pleased with this movie trailer because it didn’t give too much away about the plot or the villain besides that giant creature that looks like a work with tentacles. Overall I am happy with the trailer and cannot wait for the movie!


In Reel Time: Assassin’s Creed Review

Now I know how DC fans felt after watching Suicide Squad.



Warning: This Review contains spoilers. Read at your own risk.



Dun, Dun, Dun… The long awaited Assassins Creed was released today, December 21, and to much of my dismay I was semi-pleased with the movie. Honestly, I am not familiar with the video game franchise aside from trailers and game play videos on YouTube. I don’t know anything about the main characters or really the true premise of the video games. However, since I am an adult with common sense I can completely tell when something that is an adaption is missing a few pieces. Assassin’s Creed is missing a little more that a few pieces.

The movie starts off with Michael Fassbender’s character Cal trying attempting to ride his bike off a building and land on a cargo carrier only to fail…in an epic way. I believe this was a foreshadow of Cal’s skills of being an assassin and their parkour skills. Anyway, he then goes home only to find his mom and her murderer which is his dad. We then see some expensive Mercedes-Benz G Class cars rolls up and we assume they came for Cal’s dad? Truly, I have no idea. This movie jumped around so much…

After a while, and when I say a while I mean 30 years, (YES THEY JUMPED 30 YEARS), Cal is an adult in prison…He gets sentenced to death for murdering some pimp and basically he gets taken to a facility and his genetic memories are tapped into in order to find out where the Apple of Eden (I THOUGHT IT WAS A FIG) is hidden so that violence can be eradicated through the apple’s genetic code.

That’s the whole movie. In a nutshell.

This movie left so much to be desired story wise. Like, what was Cal doing for 30 years? Why was he the last decedent of an assassin left? What happened to the others? How did his family end up in Mexico? Why did he kill that pimp? why was it an apple and not a fig? Who were all those other people in the rehabilitation? If Cal was the last decedent then why were those other people capable assassins?

Visually I thought it was absolutely beautiful. No issues there.

Overall, do I hate this movie? Nope. I actually enjoyed it.

Like all things franchise genres everything must have it’s beginning. Comic book movies SUCKED when they first started rolling out until we got Iron Man,  The Dark Knight, and Captain America. Assassin’s Creed is visually stunning and while the script was bland and a little mediocre, it was a good starting point. I enjoyed the religious, scientific, historical, and moral examination elements that it had to offer. I wished that the historical Animus scenes were a little more involved. The ending was lackluster to say the least.If they were to create an Assassin’s Creed 2 I would see it if and only if the screenwriters and such would learn from their mistakes in this first movie.



Tell me what you think about the movie if you’ve seen it BELOW in the comments! Also, what do YOU think about video game movies?