Jack is Back! Samurai Jack


It’s been 12 years since Samurai Jack has been graced us with his presence on screen, and today, March 11 2017 marks his return!

Samurai Jack arose in an era of animation that us 90’s kids know far too well. It was a very interesting time back then in the early 2000’s for us. We had so many shows across so many channels to look forward to. Many of those shows had heart and soul to them which often taught us lessons as well as kept us entertained. Samurai Jack was a show that had very few words but spoke to the heart and mind. The animation was different, the tone was different, the story was mature, and the cliffhanger was heartbreaking for so many of us to endure. Our favorite tv show as kids just disappeared off air…Until now.

Season 5 kicks off on Toonami with an epic bang!

The newest episode starts off with characters that look familiar to my cloudy memory getting ambushed and surrounded by mechanical bugs that obviously want to kill them. When all hope is lost, our title hero shows up with quite a new look for him. Last we saw Jack, he was a samurai in a white kimono and clean shaven. This new Jack is shown with all new weapons and attire.  He is now brandishing traditional Japanese samurai armor, an electrically charged baton with blades at the end, a gun, and a cannon (he lost his sword). Jack also rides on a motorcycle. Instead of being clean shaven, he now has a ragged bearded look with unkempt hair. Also, 50 years have passed by and Jack has not/can not age.

As usual Jack saves the day and then rides off. We see him stop at a river to have a sip of water only to be met with ghosts from his past. I took this as Jack’s PTSD from not being able to return to his time period as quickly as he wanted and now memories of his family and people haunt him. This was super sad for me to watch personally. Jack’s only goal was to return home and rescue his people from Aku’s evil reign and now he feels stuck and trapped in a time where he never belonged.

In the midst of this, there was further development into what Aku has been up to. Now, we all know the line by now “I – Aku- the shape shifting master of darkness…” which basically means that Aku can become whatever his heart desires, but I’m not sure if Aku possesses DNA to have children with a human/whatever species of woman. I’m not sure if Aku is a full deity and did an immaculate conception type of thing with a woman or not, but how he has little hellions roaming the earth in the form of well trained teenage girls. Their only purpose for being birthed is to basically kill Jack. Did I mention there’s 7 of them?

They are apart of some weird cult of women who worship Aku. One woman birthed 7 daughters who were put on an stone alter which is in the shape of Aku and the leader said that they are his to do as he wishes and to do his bidding. As much of a stone cold baddie Aku was, I don’t understand why he would need minions to kill Jack. If none of his other minions could, what makes him think these 7 teen girls can?

It should be noted that these girls were through severe training and if they stepped a foot out of line they were met with extreme consequences. To me it looked like total child abuse. There’s a really cool battle scene between Jack and one of Aku’s assassins who uses music to fight, but he is defeated by Jack. The episode ends with the girls finishing their training and then being tasked with killing Jack.

This episode was such a great trip down memory lane for me and I know other original fans of the show are going to love it also. Check it out if you have not!




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