Reel Review: Legion 1×3 Review



Wow, so before I begin I watched this episode the week it was released and i actually watched it like 2 or 3 times to really digest what I was watching, but for some reason I didn’t review it earlier. So, here goes!

Disclaimer:  Since the show is really gaining ground, so am I. I’m going to reveal MAJOR spoiler in this review so read at your own risk.

As the show progresses I am absolutely loving it with a few small exceptions. This episode further divulges into David’s mind to unlock his mutant abilities. We see several memories and 1 new one which I will talk about that in some way explains what he’s experiencing mentally.

The beginning of this episode starts off with a sequence of real time cut scenes featuring David, Melanie, and Sydney. It begins with this super coffee machine – who is revealed to be voiced by Melanie’s late husband  Oliver- telling the story of the Crane Maiden .

For those of you wondering what the crane maiden is, it’s basically the story of a maiden who’s really a crane who makes beautiful fabric for a woodcutter and his wife. Once they find out she’s really a crane she leaves them never to be seen again. IN A NUTSHELL.

During this story, the cut scenes are of Sydney is an open showroom and David sitting on a dock eyes closed and focused. I took this as David psychically watching Sydney shower since he can’t touch her let alone hold her hand.  As the crane story concludes, the shower scene is over and David opens his eyes. The coffee machine then asks Melanie how her coffee is and she pours it out and asks for another and the crane story is repeated.

I’m not sure if Melanie herself is a mutant of some sort, she really hasn’t shown any type of mutant abilities. I think that when the crane story scene was taking place, she was relating the story to David. He’s the crane who’s true form is hidden, yet like the crane and her abilities to make beautiful fabric when no one is watching, his powers come out when no one is really watching. Then again, maybe the story was referencing Sydney? 

Onward, we learn that since Amy (David’s Sister) got kidnapped by Division 3, they have to fast track his therapy to unlock his powers faster. However, Melanie is afraid that she’s doing more harm than good by tampering with tightly locked away and frazzled memories. Melanie pretty much believes that the key to unlocking his mind is to go through his memories since they spark his powers the most. In the next couple of scenes Melanie, Ptonomy (or Paul), and David go through his mind and try to straighten it out. During these scenes they run into the creepy fat guy… Meet Mojo.


I think it is time I properly talk about Mojo and what his purpose is…





This is Mojo. He’s basically the ruler of an alternative universe separate from the one David and co. live in. Basically, imagine a world full of very very fat blobs who are aliens and none of then can really stand because they don’t have spines. However, they create an exoskeleton in order to stand but they’re still fat…

Okay, then imagine that even though they’re in a separate world their brain waves can pick up Earth’s television signals and they LOOOVE our entertainment/media culture. Like, they live for it but they also fear and hate humans. Weird love hate relationship.

What does he want with David? It’s very simple. SPOILER ALERT 

David is an Omega Level Mutant.

What does that mean? Here’s a breakdown of the Mutant Power Levels

Mutant Power Levels

Mutant power levels can be broken into six broad categories: omega (5), alpha (4), beta (3), gamma (2), delta (1), and epsilon (0).

Omega Mutants

Omega mutants are the most powerful class of mutants. An Omega-level mutant is one with the most powerful genetic potential of their mutant abilities. Some abilities depicted by mutants described as Omega-level include immortality, extreme manipulation of matter and energy, high psionic ability, strong telekinesis, and the potential to exist beyond the boundaries of the known physical universe. Mutants that have been confirmed as Omega-level include Jean Grey, Vulcan, Rachel Summers, Iceman, Legion, Elixir, and Franklin Richards. Storm is a possible Omega-level mutant. Blur is an Omega-level mutant.

Alpha Mutants

Alpha mutants are some of the most powerful and most feared mutants. Alpha mutants have extremely powerful mutant traits without any significant flaws. Less than 10% of mutants are Alpha mutants so they are very rare. Some of the Alpha mutants include Cyclops, Gambit, Professor X, Havok, Colossus, and Emma Frost. Phantasma and Mustang are Alpha-level mutants. Vortex is a possible Alpha-level mutant.

Beta Mutants

Beta mutants may have powers as impressive as Alpha mutants, but their powers may not be as versatile, or they might not have the raw power of an Alpha mutant, or they might have some kind of weakness. Some examples of Beta mutants are Beast, Wolverine, Mystique and Sabretooth. Prism and Surf were Beta-level mutants. Bast, Blindfold, and Panzer are Beta-level mutants. Medic is a possible Beta-level mutant.

Gamma Mutants

Gamma mutants may have powers that are versatile, but without much raw power and with an obvious weakness (often physical). Alternatively, a Gamma mutant’s power might be powerful, but not very versatile and with an obvious weakness. Lastly, a Gamma mutant might not have any weaknesses, but might have an ability that isn’t very powerful or versatile. Some examples of Gamma mutants would be Angel, Cypher, Pixie (before her souldagger), and so on.

Delta Mutants

Delta Mutants have powers that aren’t versatile, don’t have much power, and have obvious weaknesses. These would include mutants that can see in the dark, breathe water, or have other minor abilities.

Epsilon Mutants

Epsilon Mutants are unfortunate mutants. Epsilon mutants pretty much have no chance of having a regular life in society due to their major flaws. If that isn’t bad enough, Epsilon mutants usually only have minor superhuman powers. A good example of Epsilon mutants would be Beak or the Morlocks.


David is an Omega Level Mutant, Mojo purposely seeks out mutants for his entertainment pleasures. The stronger the better. David’s mind with his multiple personalities is a goldmine for Mojo.


Okay, BACK to the episode review – after the scene with Mojo  David and co. return back to reality. Lots of little sequences happen, but the main scenes are basically the final ones where David and Amy astral project themselves to where Amy is being interrogated. We finally have a name for one of the weird guys in Division 3 and his name is Walter annd he pretty much evil. Melanie’s words not mines. In the very last scenes everyone including Sydney goes into David’s mind and each of them experience something different. Sydney sees very personal memories, Melanie is attacked by Mojo, and David is being mentally harassed by a swarm of people with his hands covering his face.

A few things I want to point out in summary:

  • The angriest boy in the whole world manifested into a real person during David’s childhood. I’m not sure what purpose this character serves yet because nothing has really given me any incentive to believe that David had abusive parents or a rough childhood. The angriest boy character is an angry and evil little boy. Childhood David seems to be a normal and quiet child.
  • Lenny is very annoying to me, but somehow her consciousness attached itself to David’s mental. I’m almost sure her attachment which has become a personality of his controls Astral Projection/Teleportation.
  • Sydney’s powers may have come from her mother since her mother was very smart and wrote what I believe are scientific papers.
  • Carey, Oliver, and Walter founded Summerland.
  • David cares very much for his sister despite her putting him in a mental ward.
  • Sydney can now see Mojo.


Well, thanks for reading I hope you enjoyed!

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