Reel Review: FX’s Legion 1×2



Welcome BACK to Reel Cinema Review! This week I’m going to give a quick recap of Legion’s Episode 2 and my thoughts about it!

So, in my last review of the season premiere episode I basically gave the show a good review but mentioned that I felt as though the opener was a bit rushed. This episode was way better than the first in my opinion. It was slowed down just a notch that really gave me more insight of the characters.

Within S1E2 (Season 1 Episode 2) we learn more about David and his early childhood memories with the help of Melanie and Ptonomy the Memory Worker. It is apparent that Melanie is the headmistress of a facility for helping others like David reach their potential wit their “powers”. Ptonomy  himself can remember his time in is mothers womb and even his birth – he remembers everything and has telepathic abilities to see a persons memories in real time. He, along with Melanie and David, venture into David’s mind in order to iron out mental wrinkles that are affecting his ability to think “straight” and control his powers.

  • I believe that because David and his powers were misunderstood by regular people, the medication and misdiagnosis distorted his mind even more than the actual voices he was hearing.

During their time in his mind, they come across 4 main memories. In the first memory, David and his older sister Amy are seen running through a field of flowers laughing and playing. This shows us that he did have a somewhat normal childhood and actually had a relationship with his sister before his powers developed. The next scene is of David and his mother planting a flower and also of him and his mom measuring how tall he was.

  • I have a feeling that something terrible happened to his mother and that he was very attached to her. This attachment and sudden loss may have caused a mental shift in Young David.

The next scene can be broken up into 2 different memories, I’ll only cover the first version for now then the second version later.

Next, is the scene where David is still a child and his father is reading him a bedtime story. It is during this scene where things get interesting. David is seen as a child in bed and his father – who’s face we cant see – is reading a very graphic book called The World’s Angriest Boy in the World. During this scene, adult David is telling Melanie and Ptonomy  that his father was an Astronomer and that he died a year prior while he was in the mental hospital. The scene then shows child David listening to his father reading a graphic page of the book with the narrative: “The boy’s mother said of to bed, the boys face turned red, and with a cry he chopped her head.”

  • Also, during this scene there’s a brief moment where child David turns into adult David in the same memory as he’s listening to his father read. Melanie and Ptonomy pick up on these strange occurrences in his memories.

The memory is disrupted by voices and the three are taken back into the real world. During the rest of the episode we see tiny bits of David’s life before he got admitted into the mental hospital. They’re important to some extent but they really only give a build up to the last couple of scenes.

In the latter 3/4ths of the episode, there’s a scene where David revisits the bedtime scene . It is during this scene where his father is not is present this time. Here,  Ptonomy and Melanie are trying to rewind a bit within David’s memories for clues to help solve what caused him to mentally break. As Ptonomy tries to enter deeper within Davids mind he is blocked and Melanie tells David that he has to open his mind and trust them. He exasperatedly claims that he does then the door of his childhood room slams shut and the whole room begins to shake. During this time, The World’s Angriest Boy in the World falls from his room’s book shelf and child David along with adult David are seen with their hands covering their eyes.

At the very end of the episode, David is with in a MRI that is scanning his whole body. He hears and sees his sister Amy in real time trying to visit him at his previous mental hospital. The receptionist claims that they never admitted her brother. There’s a disagreement between Amy and the receptionist. Amy is then taken to a doctors room where I presume she will be interrogated. David realizes this during his vision and wants to rescue her before being stopped by Sydney and encouraged to learn about his powers more before leaving to save Amy.

A couple of things that I want to point out during this episode:

  • David has telepathic, telekinetic, and transporting powers. He’s able to read thoughts and communicate mentally as well as levitate objects and transport them.
  • He started having “visions” around age 10 or 11
  • He may have PTSD and thus his memories are fragmented



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