Reel Review: Star Trek – Beyond


Woowza, welcome back to Reel Cinema Review! Today I’m going to be reviewing Star Trek Beyond!

To start, let me be honest and tell you guys that I fell asleep twice trying to watch this movie! I finally watched it all the way through, and overall I was pleased with the movie. It brought back all of the original characters from the first two films (although, I have never seen the first film). My journey with Star Trek actually started when I was a kid believe it or not. Me and my mom would always watch the tv show, but I believe that because I was so little I don’t remember too much about the series. Just memories of watching it with my mom.

Beyond takes place a little after the second movie with KHANNNNN! (I just needed a reason to type that! ), Captain Kirk is trying to give a “peace” offering to a group of these big-little aliens and they basically don’t want it. Onward, Captain Kirk and his crew basically rescue this alien woman who sent them a distress call ( Ol’ damsel in distress moment) and they find her and she says that her crew was kidnapped yadda yadda yadda…a bunch of lies… and Captain Kirk and the entire Enterprise gets blown OUT of space and crashes onto this alien planet. They find a future new member of their crew, Jaylah, who’s whole family was killed by a former soilder, Krall. Per usual, Krall is an anti hero and believes that his cause is most noble and wants to bring destruction. Blah , blah , blah, Krall dies, and Kirk saves the day. Typical Action Movie.



My favorite part of this movie, was the very end, when it paid tribute to Anton Yelchin and Leonard Nimoy. I could tell where they were going with it and it was very bittersweet to watch. Seriously, the ending was sweet.

Overall, the FX Makeup was gorgeous! Jaylah’s character makeup was absolutely beautiful, Krall’s makeup and transformations were epic. I really enjoyed the visual aspect of this movie and thought the environment and special effects were well done. The movie itself is very solid IMO.



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