New Show: Taboo on FX




a social or religious custom prohibiting or forbidding discussion of a particular practice or forbidding association with a particular person, place, or thing.


Welcome back to Reel Cinema Review, today I’m here with my first ever TV show review and what a way to start this series off! Taboo is a TV show that airs on FX a channel known for its TV shows that pushes boundaries are are just down right creepy (American Horror Story, anyone?). I first saw the trailer for Taboo on my Facebook feed and was immediately drawn to it. It looks weird and creepy which is a plus for me and also its on FX which means I probably wont be let down. I am a huge fan of AHS and i enjoyed all seasons with the exception of season 5. I happily skipped that season.

To begin, I am not going to spoil the entire episode but I will drop some spoilers so be warned.

The show stars Tom Hardy (BANE!) as James Denaley. He spent ten years in Africa and finally returns to London upon the death of his father.This causes a stir since his father (and mother) are basically loony and so if he. He has a built in reputation among people in his hometown among other things. He also has a weird relationship with his half-sister and her husband basically hates him… Okay, basically everyone except his childhood butler hates him. This exchange of hatred that he has for everyone and everyone for his is quite funny to me because he doesn’t care at all but how others around him feel. Although, he does seem to care for his step sister. However, their relationship isn’t all that explored in the first episode.

I will say that there’s this one moment when he’s in a morgue and basically a very tall corpse rises and he basically commands it to get away from him. Epic Moment.

Overall, this show is definitely creepy and I’m definitely enjoying what I’m seeing thus far!

If you haven’t seen the official trailer then check it out below and let me know what you think!



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