Quick Review: Trolls


Colors, Glitter, Gleeful Singing, and oh yeah – A Fire!


Okay, this is gonna be a quick and fast review! Trolls is an animated musical by Dreamworks. Its based upon the creepy little dolls of the same name (thats my mother NEVER let me buy for that very reason). This movie is definitely a family friendly movie that you watch when you want simple worry free entertainment. The comedy is mild and the songs are cute. The main characters are very predictable and so is the story line, which is why I wont discuss the story line here. You can gather what’s going to happen in the movie for yourself since it is so predictable. I did enjoy the qualities of the characters such as their features like extendable hair, glitter skin, and the detail work on the Bergens.

Overall, this is a good movie for everyone…except the ending where the chef is sat on fire along with another troll… but yeah, its a great movie still! Check it out!


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